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  • Chalk up an upset on the first day of the state boys high school hockey tournament as Nick DiCenzo scored a goal and asssted on two others to lead the Hibbing/Chisholm Bluejackets to a 4-0 triumph over the third seeded Rochester Lourdes Eagles in  buy fifa coins the Class A quarterfinals Wednesday afternoon at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

    Now, you may well be saying to yourself, "But Barry Sanders retired years past. What's the deal?" Well, good sir, I 'll let you know what the deal is. This is the 25th anniversary of Madden, and so the folks over at fifa 17 decided to do things a little differently this year. They had an "old school" type and a "new school" category. Sanders won the former, while the latter was won by Adrian Peterson. Outside Peterson, Sanders edged in the finals, and so here we are.

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